All You Need to Know About Natural Loofah Sponges

For much of my life, I thought loofahs were made from sea plants. I thought they were fibers of a type of coral or reef or maybe even a type of dried out seaweed of sorts.

I couldn't have been more wrong. Loofahs, my friends, are actually made from a tree-hanging plant that looks like a zucchini.

how loofahs grow

Loofahs are Actually Gourds!

The botanical name of the loofah or luffa plant is Luffa aegyptiaca. The plant was brought over by European colonists a few hundred years ago because they realized the climate here was better for cultivating it.

Loofah plants love sunshine and hot summer temperatures and are ready to be plucked off their vines in late autumn.

They are then peeled and left to dry out before you get the exfoliating sponges that you see on our website or at your local health-conscious shops.

what a loofah plant looks like under the skin of the gourd

Not All Loofahs are Created Equal

Sometimes loofahs are bleached or added to synthetic fibers in order to stretch the use of a single plant or to make it more appealing to consumers.

Natural loofahs tend to be more brown in color than white and when they are left in their natural state are round and firm.

When the fibers are added to other products or bleached, you lose some of the qualities of the loofah that make it long lasting and better for your body and the environment.

Loofahs are naturally odor and mold-resistant and will not build up bacteria when left to dry completely between uses. They are firm enough to use to scrub and exfoliate your body as well as to clean the tough stains and marks on fabrics, carpets, and countertops around the house.

The best part? When you buy a simple and all-natural loofah, at the end of its use, you can throw it into your compost and it will biodegrade with the rest of your natural household waste.

natural loofah sponge

Shop Our All Natural Loofahs

It doesn't get more natural than this loofah sponge. Grown in the USA and dried naturally , by purchasing this sponge you're supporting small businesses, scrubbing your body and house clean without any chemicals or synthetic brushes, and then you can dispose of it in your home compost bin.

If you are looking for a natural loofah sponge for your kitchen and dishes, we've got you covered with this set of three dish sponges. They are made of all-natural loofah fibers and reshaped to be easy to use and hold. Just like with the above loofah, you can cut off the cotton string and throw the loofah sponge into your compost at the end of its lifespan in your kitchen.

Want to try something fun and different? We love these loofah soap bars from Hanna Herbals, one of the small businesses we support through this website. She adds loofah fibers to her all-natural soap bars so that you can scrub your feet and dry areas in the shower without needed to buy an additional sponge or loofah. As an added bonus, they also smell great and leave your skin feeling soft, silky, and moisturized. Add that to your cart here.