How & Why You Should Use Tea Tree Oil

If you've been shopping around our store or using all-natural products for a little while, it's likely that you've seen Tea Tree Oil as a common ingredient in skin and haircare products. We've even seen it in natural mouthwash

Tea Tree Oil is an incredibly popular essential oil used in natural beauty products because it has been shown to improve skin, hair, and nail health, especially for people with sensitive or dry skin.

What is Tea Tree Oil? 

Tea tree oil comes from the leaves of the Tea Tree, known as melaleuca alternifolia. Not to be confused with trees that make the sort of tea you drink like black, green, or oolong leaves.

The Tea Tree is native to north eastern Australia, more specifically the states of Queensland and New South Whales.

The aboriginal people of Australia have been using these leaves in medicinal ways for generations by grinding them up and inhaling the oils to treat coughs.

It is also high in the compound terpinen-4-ol, which has been shown to kill fungi, bacteria, and viruses as well as increase white blood cell count, something that helps the body naturally fight germs.

essential oils like tea tree oil being mixed with carrier oils like olive oil

What to Know About Tea Tree Oil Before Use

Essential oils should not be used directly on your skin. They should always be diluted with a carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil before applying to your skin.

For every one drop of Tea Tree Oil that you use, it should be diluted by at least 12 drops of the carrier oil.

Always test any new product containing essential oils on a small part of your arm or leg before using on your entire body or on sensitive areas like your skin or underarms, especially if you know you already have quite sensitive skin.

Tea Tree Oil should never be swallowed as it can be toxic, especially if too much is consumed. 

How Tea Tree Oil Can Help Your Skin

There are several different ways that Tea Tree Oil can help skin. Thanks to its ability to fight germs and bacteria, it is an excellent oil to use for fighting acne

Tea Tree Oil is naturally anti-flammatory, so it is great for helping with the puffiness and redness that comes with severe acne spots. 

tea tree oil acne fighting serum

Due to these same properties, Tea Tree oil has also been shown to help eczema, oily skin, itchy and inflamed skin, and psoriasis.

You can find it in soap to help sooth your skin while you're in the shower or try it in a deodorant if you have sensitive skin after shaving. 

How Tea Tree Oil Can Help Your Hair

Tea Tree oil is a fantastic natural remedy to dandruff or itchy scalp. The oil has been shown to help reduce itchiness as well as sooth the skin that is peeling, causing the dandruff to form.

It has also been shown to help naturally remove lice. No need for harsh chemical shampoos like when you were a kid. 

beard balm for dry skin and dandruff

The best way to combat it is to use a natural shampoo that has Tea Tree Oil in it. You can also apply a leave in conditioner that contains Tea Tree Oil.

For men with dry skin on their face or problems with dandruff that comes from their beard, they may want to consider a beard balm that contains Tea Tree Oil.

organic hand soap with tea tree oil

How Tea Tree Oil Can Help Your Nails

Studies have shown that Tea Tree Oil is an effective cure for nail fungus in 80% of patients.

A cream or natural hand soap with as little as 5% Tea Tree Oil can be enough to help clear up nail fungus in a few days time.