Why and How to Use a Safety Razor?

The secret is out! Yes, that’s right folks, you don’t need a 15 blade razor built with spaceship technology to have a super close shave! In this blog post, we will share the numerous benefits for both men and women of using an eco-friendly safety razor as well as give you some top tips on how to fearlessly use one so that you only shave off hair and not your skin!

Why use a safety razor?

  1. A closer shave. The single razor blade is sharp, very sharp. Learn how to conquer it and you’ll laugh at why you ever used a multi-blade cartridge razor.
  2. They’re cleaner. There’s only one blade which means it doesn’t collect germs and bacteria like cartridge blades do. Using a safety razor means you avoid inviting bacteria and germs back onto your skin for another go at infecting your beautiful and readily primed pores.
  3. Less irritation. Quite simply, a single blade razor is sharper so there is less drag with a safety razor so less chance that your top layer of skin will come off with your hair. This provides a smoother shave and no blunted hairs to become those dreaded and well feared ingrown hairs.
  4. Cheap replacement blades. Replacement safety razor blades are a lot cheaper than replacement cartridges that you have to take out a small bank loan to afford. That means you can replace them more regularly, always use a clean blade to have a close shave and save money in the process. Worried about waste? Fear not, we’ve got you covered below.
  5. You’re the boss. Using a sustainable razor is a process and one that should be enjoyed rather than rushed. You’re in complete control of your strokes and the pressure you apply. This will take practice, but ultimately, you will have complete control and a more precise shave.

How to recycle your razor blades? 

So you know why it’s a safer, healthier and closer shave for you. Now, let's talk about waste. The biggest issue with disposable razors or throw-away cartridges is that they are not recyclable. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 2 billion, yes billion disposable razors end up in landfills every year and this figure is rising. Fear not though as there is hope!

Did you know that when you use a single blade razor, you can save up your double edge razor blades and then recycle them in an eco-friendly and sustainable way? All you need is a sharps container which you can buy online but in some states, drug stores and pharmacies are known to have sharps containers and some are even free of charge. All you need to do is then simply place your used razor blade directly in the container each time you’re done with it. Once full, safely secure it and take it to your local recycling center (most will let you recycle them in the metal bin) or take it to a participating sharps collection location. Just remember that this will be dependent on state.

Black safety razor

How to use a safety razor?

Well done for making it this far. You know the benefits for both yourself and our planet and you're curious to learn how to use one and still live to tell the tale. Here are some useful things to remember:

Invest in your razor. You need quality rather than any old cheap safety razor. There are a lot of differing levels of quality. The best safety razor is a weighted one that will give you ultimate control.
    Prepare your skin as usual. Using an eco friendly razor doesn’t mean you need to change your favored pre-shave routine.
      Lather up with an all-natural shaving soap and pull the skin you’ll shave taut. Keep your skin as tight as you shave to provide the razor with a smooth surface. Don’t apply pressure or drag safety razors. The weight of the razor is more than enough.
        Hold the razor at a 30-45 degree angle. Don’t apply pressure. Yes we are repeating ourselves and for good reason!

          Shave with the grain. This will prevent ingrown hairs.

          Use short and straight strokes and rinse between. Do a small single pass over a patch, rinse, switch the side of the blade if you wish and then continue from where you left off. Double edge razor blades are sharp enough that you shouldn’t need to go over the same spot twice. Revisiting an area also increases the risk of irritation so risk the urge!

          Rinse with cold water and apply a post shave moisturizer, balm or oil depending on the area you shaved. This will close up the pores and soothe your skin by applying a refreshing and cleansing layer that prevents any irritation.

            Our favorite safety razors

            Here at Consciously Green, we like choice. That's why we have provided you with three high quality safety razors. You can then decide which is the best safety razor for you based on your tastes and requirements.

            Black safety razor with cardboard box packaging

            This stylish safety razor is the perfect alternative to plastic and throw-away razors. Made with high quality black oxidized Japanese stainless steel with traditional gold accents, this razor won't rust or tarnish meaning it will last and last. The weight allows for a precise but gentle shave making it ideal for men who want short and complicated strokes to keep that beard looking just right as well as for women who want a smooth shave without any nicks or cuts. The butterfly mechanism allows for easy and safe blade changing as you simply turn the handle to open the head and access the blade. With a timeless design, an elegant gift box, and a pack of premium quality German blades included, this razor is a great option for a gift or for treating yourself and will leave you feeling smooth, fresh, and looking your best self every time.

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            Black safety razor with shaving brush in background


            The MkII razor is the without doubt the Rolls Royce of the razor world. Made out of the same military aircraft grade aluminium as the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter, this clearly isn't your average safety razor. While providing a smooth and low friction shave, this stylish and cutting edge razor will also look fantastic in your bathroom. If you want your day to start with quality and confidence, this high strength alloy safety razor is the one for you.

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             Silver safety razor with white cardboard box packagingThis modern and high quality safety razor will give you a close shave every time. Coming in silver or black and made with a luxurious handle, this double-sided and adjustable razor gives you the perfect amount of control. This safety razor is extremely durable and comes with a 10-pack of high-quality steel blades making it a fantastic option to get that fresh post-shave feeling after every use. 

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