Why Switch to Natural Deodorant?

Natural deodorant is a hot topic at the moment and you might well be wondering what all the fuss is about? Hopefully we can help shed some light on this debate, explain the benefits and then also provide you with some useful tips once you decide to make the switch from regular to natural deodorant. 

Issues with Regular Deodorants

Regular antiperspirants and deodorants contain aluminum and other chemicals that work to clog your pores so that we end up releasing very minimal sweat (if at all) and this prevents your body from two crucial jobs, cooling itself down and from releasing toxins. 

Not sweating sounds like a good thing and that the deodorant is doing its job right? Not so fast. We are meant to sweat. It’s one of the ways your body eliminates waste through our skin. A buildup of sweat beneath your skin also traps good natural bacteria that digests sweat. Body odor happens when the bacteria on our skin break down acids in our sweat. Unfortunately, this buildup of good bacteria beneath our skin limits your body’s ability to deal with any bad bacteria, paving the way for the bad bacteria to make friends with our sweat and this makes you smell worse.

Furthermore, compounds found in aluminum can cause other problems. Ever had a sweat stain that just won’t budge on your favorite white shirt? Well the culprit is aluminium compounds as they cause an acidic reaction that creates these stains. Alzheimers and breast cancer have both also been linked to the same sweat stain causing aluminum compounds but it must also be said that further research is still being done.

Why Natural Deodorant?

1. It limits any skin issues

Natural deodorant is exactly that, natural! As all the ingredients come from Mother Earth, they reduce and can even completely remove skin irritation. No irritation means an even closer and therefore longer lasting shave. Natural deodorants can also help to shrink pores and smooth razor burn.

2. Natural deodorant doesn’t block your pores.

Aluminum free deodorant works with your pores rather than against them to make sure that the good bacteria works as well as possible. Fortunately, your sweat itself doesn’t smell. It’s just a mixture of salt and water. With more good bacteria allowed to join the party, there will be a lot less odor.

3. It limits the possibility of disease

Using all natural deodorant and therefore aluminium free deodorant removes the risk of any harmful diseases as the natural ingredients are chemical free and therefore work with your body without any negative risks.

4. No more ruined white t-shirts!

Not the most important of reasons but at least when you find the best natural deodorant for you, you can forget about worrying over whether your favorite and pristine white t-shirt will get any awful yellow pit stains.

Help with Switching

Well done for getting this far. You now know the benefits of making the switch to natural deodorant. So now we can move on to actually making the switch. Here’s what to remember.

Allow time for your body to adjust and remember it’s completely normal.

Depending on your body, it can take up to a month for your body to regulate itself and learn to sweat naturally but don’t worry it doesn’t usually take this long. Even if you start using natural deodorant straight away, your underarms could smell a little ripe for the first two weeks because you’ve just pulled the plug on your sweat glands so that your body can finally purge all those trapped toxins, bacteria and chemicals. It’s good to remember that this is completely normal so don’t give up.

Fear not! There are things that can help you smell better through the detox.

Firstly, avoid wearing tight fitted synthetic clothing during the switch as these tend to trap moisture and make things uncomfortable. Hot baths help to open up your pores which encourages your body to sweat and purge more toxins. You can use clay masks on your armpits to help remove buildup and this can make the transition to deodorant without aluminum easier. Exfoliating the skin daily is also a good idea. It’s important to remember that your diet, exercise routine and stress levels will also help or hinder your detox.

Do you have any irritation? 

Before starting to use all natural deodorant, consider that the purging of chemicals might cause irritation when you use an aluminum free deodorant that contains baking soda. If you have particularly irritated underarms, hold off on the natural deodorant until they feel better and use coconut oil and tea tree oil with an essential oil like lavender or thyme for a natural and irritation-free solution to any smelly armpits while they purge and recover.

Detox done?! Fantastic! Now what?

Firstly, stay away from any deodorants with parabens or propylene glycol which are much more likely to irritate your skin. Don’t ruin all that hard work! Then you need to remember that no two deodorants are the same. What works for your friend may not work for you as we all have different body chemistry and react to natural deodorant and its ingredients differently. Try a new deodorant for a couple of weeks (unless you have a bad reaction to it) so that your body has time to adjust. Be prepared to persevere. It’s not natural deodorant, it’s just that combination of ingredients. Be patient as it may take a few bites of the cherry to find the best natural deodorant with the right combination of ingredients for you.

Still sweating? It’s normal!

Even the best aluminium free deodorant might not keep you bone dry. The myth that ‘natural deodorant should keep you completely dry or you should switch back to  aluminium based ones’ is exactly that, a myth! Try formulas that contain arrowroot powder or cornstarch as these are magical ingredients that work to soak up moisture. You may also want to look for an equal balance of baking soda and essential oils as this will help with odor control and irritation if you have sensitive skin.

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