Why Use Natural Soap?

You would think all soap was natural soap, right? Especially those bars of soap you buy that lather up nicely and make you feel squeaky clean?

Unfortunately, as demand has increased and prices have dropped, large companies around the world have begun mass-producing soaps that are made mostly of synthetic ingredients.

all natural handmade soap

What is Natural Handmade Soap?

Natural handmade soaps are what most soaps used to be not so long ago.

Put simply, soap is made of either animal or vegetable fat and something called lye. Lye is a very alkaline metal hydroxide, usually potassium or sodium hydroxide. 

Traditionally, lye was made by allowing wood ashes to seep into water. This was referred to as "pot ash" or potash. Which is actually where the name potassium comes from!

When you mix lye and fat together, it creates what is known as saponification. Depending on the oil that is used, changes the results. So if you use olive oil, it will leave elements of olives and if you use coconut oil, you'll get elements of coconut.

In natural soap, nothing is removed and the glycerin that forms offers your skin tons of hydration while still cleaning your body from head to toe.

What's Missing From Store Bought Soaps?

Have you ever wondered why after using those bars of soap, your skin feels dry and almost like it's going to crack if you move too quickly? 

Factory-made soaps that you can buy from the grocery store are missing the one thing that natural handmade soaps have to make you feel clean and your skin feeling hydrated: glycerin.

Synthetic soap manufacturers remove the glycerin from their soaps in order to put them in more expensive products like lotions and body oils. 

In place of the glycerin, they add foaming agents, detergents, and other synthetic ingredients to make the soap feel more luxurious than it actually is.

natural handmade soaps with different colors and a ribbon

Why Use Natural Soap?

Natural soaps are free of synthetic chemicals which you likely don't want on your bodies, but that we also don't want to wash into our waterways.

Natural handmade soaps are made with skin-nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, goat's milk, and shea butter which naturally balance your skin's pH.

They also retain the glycerin that over-the-counter soaps remove, so you are less likely to need body moisturizers after your showers and after each use, you bring your skin closer to it's natural pH balance.

The Best Natural Soaps

We carry tons of great natural soaps on Consciously Green that we think you'll love. All of them are handmade, hand-cut, and produced in small batches to ensure that they maintain the highest of quality.

handmade natural soap bar

1. Rosemary Lime Handmade Soap - DeShawn Marie

This fun and colorful natural soup is made from activated charcoal, French green clay, coconut, olive and palm oils, as well as rosemary and lime essential oils.

It looks and smells great and it will keep you feeling clean and your skin hydrated all day long.

Buy the Rosemary Lime DeShawn Marie bar here

root beer float all natural soap

2. Root Beer Float Soap - Buck Ridge Soap Company

Shouldn't getting clean be a little bit of fun? It certainly is with this root beer float scented all natural soap bar.

This bar is made with olive oil, coconut oil, and fresh goat milk, which all promise to leave your skin feeling silky soft. 

It's handmade by a small business that we absolutely love in Arkansas and they are making incredibly fun soap bars that we can't get enough of. Be sure to check out the Stone Koala scent as well if you enjoy eucalyptus and want to start the day with perfectly clear sinuses.

Buy the Buck Ridge Root Beer Float bar here.

african black soap

3. African Black Soap

African Black soap has a long history of being a great bar not just for your body, but for your face and for your hair, too.

Black soap is made from the ash of local West African plants and dried peels, which is what gives it its dark color. It's then combined with shea butter, cocoa, and different oils to help moisturize as well as clean.

It's become known around the world for its healing properties and is great for oily skin, helping reduce acne scarring and stretch marks, and is even soothing for people with eczema and other skin irritations.

Buy a bar of African Black Soap here.