About Consciously Green

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” 

Our Story

We are Luke and Laura, eco-conscious couple and proud founders of Consciously Green. This Native American proverb has guided and inspired us on our own journey since we first saw it over 10 years ago. We decided to build an all-natural and eco-friendly focused business out of our desire to do more for our planet and to preserve and rebuild it for future generations. This is our way of bringing together a community of others who feel the same way.

Our Vision

We are committed to sourcing the best all-natural and eco-friendly products that are safe and healthy for you and your family and also avoid putting more waste in landfills and our planet's waterways.

We feel very strongly that where ever possible, it's time to stop using toxic chemicals on our bodies, surfaces and in our everyday products. That's why we have developed and implemented a strict and rigorous vetting process for every product that we stock as we want it to be the right product for you, for us, and for our environment, too.

Our idea for Consciously Green is for it to connect the eco-conscious community in as many ways as possible. We want to make sure that we not only bring you the best all-natural and eco-friendly products but that we also provide you with the 'why' behind the benefits of using them. That's why via our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) and our own website blog, we share a plethora of useful information about why these products are much better for you and your family as well as for our planet. 

One of our biggest goals is to be able to give back more to people who are trying to improve our planet. For every product purchased, and at no extra cost to you, we make a $1 donation to one of our three carefully selected charities that are doing incredible work to make the world a little bit greener everyday.

Our Products

In creating Consciously Green, we decided to find and support small, independent brands around the United States who feel the same way about the health of our planet and its people. We wanted to bring together a variety of high quality and unique products made by fantastic people around the country who are doing business the right way.

Our products are conscious in every way: good for you, your family, local communities and small business around the country, and of course, good for the environment. Where possible, we even ship with recyclable, up-cycled, or compostable packaging. 

As a couple and as a company, we are on a journey to zero-waste. We continue to work very closely with all of our suppliers to do this. Whether you are starting out or continuing your own zero-waste journey, we know this is the right shop for you. 

Our Thanks

Consciously Green is just a two person company. We know you could shop at Amazon or choose from any number of other great eco-businesses so we thank you very much for choosing to become part of our community and most importantly for being Consciously Green.