organic toothpaste without chemicals and with only natural essential oils to flavor them

All Natural Organic Whitening Toothpaste

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This 100% organic and all-natural and chemical-free toothpaste blend is a great alternative to regular toothpaste and will leave your teeth and gums as healthy and as clean as ever. Combining baking soda, calcium, essential oils, sea salt, and coconut oil this natural toothpaste has natural anti-bacterial properties that help stop tooth decay.


✔️ All-natural

✔️ Organic ingredients

✔️ Naturally anti-bacterial

✔️ No sulfates, synthetic dyes, or fragrances

✔️ Made in the USA 🇺🇸

✔️ Supporting small business


Baking soda, sea salt, calcium, organic coconut oil, and rosemary essential oil.


This natural toothpaste comes in a 2-ounce glass jar with a plastic screw-on top. Choose between Sweet Orange or Peppermint which have been scented with natural essential oils.

Instructions for Use:

Place a small, pea-sized amount of this chemical-free toothpaste on your toothbrush and brush as normal. 

Note: In very warm temperatures, the coconut oil will melt, making the toothpaste runnier than normal. In very cold temperatures, the coconut oil will harden so you will need to place the jar in a bowl of hot water for 3-5 minutes so that it becomes soft enough to place on your toothbrush again.

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