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B3 Natural Shampoo Bar - Bliss Almond & Coconut

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Use this natural shampoo bar to wash your hair, shave, and shower. This bar is completely biodegradable, pH balanced, and doesn't contain any chemicals meaning improved circulation and a smooth scalp. Its blend of natural plant oils contains vitamin E and omega 3 to nourish your hair and also moisturizing enough to clean your body or use to shave. A 3-in-1 soap bar that is an ideal space-saver for your travels while also ditching the plastic.


✔️ Naturally scented

✔️ Recyclable packaging

✔️ 100% Biodegradable

✔️ Handmade in the USA 🇺🇸

✔️ Supporting small business


Saponified olive, almond, castor, and coconut oils, and pure fragrance oils.


Each handmade shampoo bar is approximately 4-ounces.

Instructions for Use:

This natural soap bar can be used as a hydrating shampoo, a body wash, or as a shaving cream. 

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