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Natural Scrub Brush - Coconut Scrubbie

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Swap your plastic kitchen brushes for this sustainable coconut husk brush. This brush has specially designed coconut husks that are malleable yet stiff enough to tackle those scrubbing stains, stuck-on food, and shower build-up. As it works on a variety of surfaces (even cast iron) and can be used for 6 months to a year, this brush will help you replace steel wool or plastic, achieve the same great clean and be a whole lot kinder to the environment.


✔️ All-natural

✔️ Eco-friendly

✔️ Compostable

✔️ Safer for your pots and pans than metal scrubbers

✔️ Supporting small business


Each coconut scrub brush is 4"x4"x2" and comes with a metal wire for hanging to dry.

Care Instructions:

Hang to dry between uses or on a dry towel to let the bristles drain completely. To disinfect, clean the bristles with vinegar. Never leave submerged in water.

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