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Organic All-Purpose Cleaner

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This organic and natural all-purpose cleaner uses no chemical or synthetic ingredients while giving you the same great clean. Safe and mild but still tough on carpets, bathrooms, floors, and for general cleaning. Fragrance-free, this can be used on pretty much any water-safe surface making it a great choice for everyday use to care for your home, family, and our planet. 


✔️ All-natural cleaning product

✔️ Use on all surfaces around the home

✔️ Fragrance-free

✔️ Free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

✔️ Made in the USA 🇺🇸

✔️ Supporting small business


This natural cleaning product comes in a 16-ounce glass jar with a metal lid.

Instructions for Use:

You can use this eco-friendly cleaning product all over the home including on your countertops, on the floors, tiles, and in the bathroom. You can even use it on carpet stains.

For cleaning your floors, add about 3-ounces of the cleaning product into a bucket of water and mop as normal. For surfaces around the house, wet with an eco-friendly sponge and then saturate the sponge in this natural detergent to wipe it again. Leave to dry.

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Don't forget to pair your all-natural cleaner with an eco-friendly cleaning sponge.