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Organic Soap Nuts - All Natural Laundry Soap

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These 100% natural, organic laundry soap nuts are a great and eco-friendly alternative to regular laundry detergent. The shell of these soap nuts absorbs water to release saponins which mix with water to free dirt, grime, and oils from your clothes. Putting just 4-6 soap nuts in the unbleached muslin bag is enough for an entire load of laundry. What's more, these natural soap nuts are a relative of the goji berry so are safe for those who have nut allergies and can also be used for baby clothes. Compostable and with no sulfates or parabens, these all-natural laundry soap nuts are not only brilliant for clothes and sensitive skin but for our planet, too.


✔️ Organic

✔️ Compostable

✔️ Eco-friendly laundry detergent

✔️ All-Natural

✔️ Made in the USA 🇺🇸

✔️ Supporting small business


This product is made of 100% soap nuts. Soap nuts are safe for those with nut allergies. They are not actually a nut at all but are closely related to the Goji berry.


Each bag contains 4-ounces of soap nuts. This should last for approximately 77 loads of laundry.

Instructions for Use:

Place 4-6 soap nuts in the muslin bag and pop it straight into your washing machine. There will be little to no bubbles during the wash cycle and when finished it will smell lightly similar to apple cider. Soap nuts can be used for several washes and afterward can be composted.  Alternatively, soap nuts can be ground into a powder and mixed with water to be used as a natural cleanser for counters and other surfaces.

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